3 Popular Ways to Power a Fire Fighting Pump

Australia’s Summer months are nearly here, which means Aussie fire fighters are preparing their gear and fire fighting pump for bushfire activity. Although bushfires happen throughout the year, during hotter weather it can increase the danger of bushfires spreading. For more information on bushfires and weather conditions we recommend reading the materials available on the Australia Government’s Bureau of Meteorology

If you’re purchasing fire fighting equipment, you want to make sure you choose the correct fire fighting pump. Fire fighting pumps are often used in rural areas, farms, bushland and, of course, by firefighters. 

We understand how important it is to have high-performing and reliable equipment for fire fighting. That’s why we supply only the most advanced technology to ensure you can rely on your gear when you need it.  

To make the selection process easier, here are the 3 best fire fighting pumps that we recommend. Read through and find the fire fighting pump that meets your requirements. If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to reach out to our expert team via the chat on our website or, give us a call. 


1. Fire Fighting Pumps – Diesel

Delivering the best performance at the most affordable price, diesel pumps are highly effective for fluids, transfer of diesel fuel, spray booms and to help fight the common Australian bush fire. Heads can vary from 55 meters – 80 meters with the constant outlet flow differing from 250 litres – 500 meters per minute.

Pump casing is commonly cast aluminium with an anodised coating. These materials ensure longevity of the casing, promoting durability and corrosion resistance. Suction and discharge size can be from 1 ½ “inches to 3 “inches. 

When it comes to diesel pumps, these are some of the most widely used fire fighting pumps in Australia. Pumps Australia recommends choosing Yanmar or Kohler diesel pumps.

Portable and easy to use, the Boxjet 2000 makes cleaning outdoors fast and simple!

2. Fire Fighting Pumps – Petrol

Strength and reliability are often used to describe petrol fire fighting pumps. Suitable for fluids, transfer of diesel fuel, spray booms and to combat fires. Pump heads for petrol pumps range in size between 55 meters – 100 meters with the constant outlet flow ranging from 250 litres – 1600 litres depending on the petrol pump. 

Pump casing is usually cast iron, aluminium or cast marine grade aluminium. Always with the anodised coating for extra protection. Discharge and suction vary from 1 “inches – 4 “inches. 

For petrol pumps, there’s one brand that stands out from the rest and that is Honda. All of Pumps Australia’s petrol pumps are Honda with each pump offering slightly different features.

3. Fire Fighting Pumps – Hydraulic 

Over the years, Pumps Australia have refined their hydraulic pump offerings. This has been achieved by making the hydraulic pumps more compact and easier to install. To read more about how Pumps Australia achieved this, read the blog “New Hydraulic Driven Products at Pumps Australia!” 

For hydraulic pumps, heads differ between 55 – 80 metres, delivering a constant outlet flow of 250 – 500 litres per minute. 

The pump casing is most commonly solid cast aluminum with a carefully applied anodised coating. Hydraulic pumps offer an impressive discharge of 1 – 2 “inches with an additional side discharge as well as a suction size of 1 ½ inches – 2 inches. 

Pumps Australia supply HP Hydraulic pumps and HP Dual Hydraulic pumps. Discover more in the product descriptions.

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