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Explore our selection of High Pressure Cleaners featuring cutting-edge technology and robust construction to deliver optimal performance and durability. Our range includes electric, petrol, and diesel-powered models, providing versatility to suit various cleaning requirements.


With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, our High Pressure Cleaners are engineered to deliver powerful water jets to remove dirt, grime, and stains from surfaces efficiently. From sidewalks and driveways to vehicles, machinery, and industrial equipment, our High Pressure Cleaners excel in delivering outstanding results across a wide range of applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions - High Pressure Cleaners

High pressure cleaners are fantastic for a wide range of high pressure cleaning jobs. Applications vary from industrial, commercial and residential high pressure cleaning jobs. For example, cleaning cars & trucks, grimy agriculture machinery, graffitied walls, industrial mining equipment and tough dirty surfaces.
Petrol high pressure cleaners and diesel high pressure cleaners are both high performing high pressure systems. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but it comes down to the high pressure job you’re performing as well as your personal preference. Petrol units can be lower in cost and used in a domestic setting but for safety reasons a diesel powered pressure cleaner is required on a mine site. Diesel engines also have a larger horsepower range.
Electric driven pressure cleaners rely on a power source of 240 Volts max 3HP 2.2Kw 10 Amp GPO Plug or 415 Volts 3 phase 20 Amp power outlet up to 11 Kw to perform work perform work. For high pressure cleaner cleaners that are electric driven, we recommend checking your available power source for the job first. Check if the available power source on site can handle the power of your pressure cleaner. If so, then electric driven pressure cleaners could be a good choice. Electric driven pressure cleaners also don’t require as much maintenance of a petrol or diesel model.

Hydraulic pressure cleaners use hydraulic driven pumps to perform work. Hydraulic driven pressures pumps are used when hydraulic pump power is available IE a tractor or truck, a power take-off or where an area is electric powered. They can also be used when a petrol or diesel option is unacceptable due to hazardous Area zoning IXE or EXE locations

Depending on the high pressure cleaner job at hand, will determine whether you need hot pressure water or cold pressure water. The easiest comparison is like washing greasy dinner plates without detergent and hot water – it Is exactly the same for High pressure water. The finished job using hot water is superior to cold water especially on concrete, pavers, oily and greasy areas and machinery.

Stand alone boilers (SAB) are a great option for individuals who are looking to upgrade their current high pressure cleaner system. Using a standalone boiler ( SAB ) allows your cold high pressure washer to pass trough a SAB which uses diesel fuel to fire a boiler generating very hot water. This allows your unit to operate on cold as well as hot water. Use a stand alone boiler to allow your high pressure washer to find both hot and cold pressure. Unmatched in quality, explore our range here

The flow rate/lpm of the high pressure cleaner will determine the performance and power of the pressure cleaner. The higher the flow/lpm of the unit, the greater the power and the faster the pressure cleaner will complete the job. The flow does the work whilst the pressure does the cutting of the dirt or scale. The greater the flow the faster you will clean the work piece or place.

Choosing the correct pressure for your high pressure cleaner is crucial for performance. If the pressure cleaner’s pressure is too high, it can result in damage. If the pressure cleaner’s pressure is too low, performance will be poor. 


Domestic 2.2 Kw 11 lpm at 1700 Psi

Contracting general Honda Gx390 15 lpm, at 4000 psi

Mine site 20 Lpm at 4000Psi Diesel or electric

Class A and Class B pressure cleaners require specific training. 

Class A high pressure water systems produce a maximum energy between 800 bar liters per minute – 5600 bar liters per minute.

Class B system is a high pressure water jetting system that exceeds 5600 bar liters per minute.  This unit needs many extras items to be added to the unit

  • Hose restraints across every connection
  • Hoses to be Tested & Certified
  • Safety Foot pedal
  • Two man operation


HPWJ training is required for both Class A and Class B pressure cleaner systems. Talk with our team at Pumps Australia for more information.

To work out the Class of your high pressure cleaner system simply multiply the pump’s maximum flow in liters per minute by the maximum pressure in bar.

High pressure cleaners require a reliable steady flow of clean water. Dirty water can result in poor performance of the high pressure cleaner if there is debris in the water. Check your water source before performing work by turning the tap on fully, releasing water into a bucket and use a stopwatch to time how long it takes to overflow the bucket. To calculate flow rate, divide 60 seconds by the time it took to fill the bucket then multiply that figure by the liters in the bucket. From our experience at Pumps Australia we recommend 2 x times the flow to the specification flow of the pressure cleaner and you will never have water starvation which can damage the seals and valves.

Like all pieces of high pressure systems, high pressure cleaners require regular maintenance. To maintain your high pressure cleaner equipment, regularly change the oil and assess if your pressure cleaner’s heating coils require any descaling. Assess any wear and tear, in case any parts need to be replaced e.g. the high pressure cleaner’s trigger and nozzles. If you use your Pump Equipment regularly, you might want to consider 2-3 services per year.


Read the operating maintenance manual supplied with your machine or refer to the Pumps Australia maintenance booklet.

Pressure cleaner safety requirements change depending on the pressure cleaner equipment. As mentioned, different Classes require different safety. For more information on safety for high pressure water blasting, see our safety video here.

Here at Pumps Australia we stock a wide range of high-pressure cleaner accessories. Some of our accessories include

Visit our high pressure cleaner accessories page for more information.

  • Efficiency: High-pressure cleaners deliver a powerful jet of water, cutting through dirt and grime with ease. Whether you’re cleaning driveways, patios, vehicles, or industrial machinery, our cleaners get the job done quickly and effectively.
  • Versatility: From delicate surfaces to stubborn stains, our range of high-pressure cleaners offers adjustable pressure settings to suit various cleaning needs. You can confidently tackle a wide range of surfaces without worrying about damage.
  • Time-Saving: Say goodbye to hours spent scrubbing and scraping. With high-pressure cleaners, you can complete cleaning tasks in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Get more done in less time and enjoy the results sooner.

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