The Boxjet… It’s really that good!

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We decided the tryout our famous Boxjet and see what it can actually do! The image on the left is a customer’s vehicle during a long red dirt drive to the Kalgoorlie area. As you can see, the vehicle is completely caked with Red Dirt and would be an absolute nightmare to clean!

But we were soo sure the Boxjet2000 is good enough, we put our money where our mouth was.

We let the customer take home the Boxjet and washdown his vehicle for the weekend. If he was unhappy he could simply return the unit back to us. Free of charge.

Not only did he love the unit, but he also ended up taking an extra one for his Kalgoorlie workshop too!

The Boxjet2000 is a contractor grade cleaning machine, at a quarter of the price.

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Portable and easy to use, the Boxjet 2000 makes cleaning outdoors fast and simple!

The Boxjet 2000 uses the components and technology that makes larger AR pumps great. With a Brass pump head and stainless-steel valves which are commonly found on larger industrial pressure units in the 4000psi class. But this isn’t the only thing that sets the Boxjet 2000 apart, it comes standard with AR’s TSS (Total Stop System Technology). What that means is that the moment you let go of the trigger, The Boxjet 2000 will completely shut off. This means that the unit will not run when you’re not using it, saving you wear and tear!

Complete with 8M of R2 Wire braided hose and 4000PSI Rated Trigger Gun and Lance with Varijet Nozzle. No corners were cut making sure the Boxjet 2000 would have a long-lasting life cycle. The Varijet Nozzle is unique and means no more changing nozzles to change what spray pattern you need! Just a quick turn left or right and you will go from a 0⁰ cutting stream to 40⁰ Fan to push everything away.

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– 8 LPM Flow
– 2175 PSI (150Bar)
– 240 Volt
– 8M Hose
– Complete with 8M of R2 Wire braided hose and 4000PSI Rated Trigger Gun and Lance with Varijet Nozzle

The Boxjet 2000 can easily be upgraded to Include longer hoses, turbo nozzles, and foamers.

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