Trash (Diesel Driven)

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Frequently Asked Questions - Trash Pumps

A trash pump is a type of centrifugal pump that is designed to handle solids and debris that would clog or damage other types of pumps. Trash pumps have larger impeller openings and vanes that are more robust than those found in other pumps.

Trash pumps can handle a wide range of solids and debris, including sticks, stones, gravel, sand, mud, and sludge. The maximum size of the debris that can be handled will depend on the size and design of the pump.

Trash pumps are often used in construction and mining applications, as well as in agriculture and irrigation. They are also used for dewatering flooded areas, pumping out septic tanks, and removing sewage and wastewater.

Trash pumps require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes checking and changing the oil, inspecting and cleaning the pump housing and impeller, replacing worn or damaged parts, and lubricating moving parts. Our technicians at Pumps Australia are able to service and repair all types of trash pumps, contact us today.

To choose the right trash pump for your application, you will need to consider factors such as the maximum flow rate and head pressure required, the size and type of debris to be pumped, and how you need it powered (engine driven, electric etc)  . We recommend consulting with our pump experts at Pumps Australia to determine the best product for your needs.

No, trash pumps are not designed for pumping chemicals or other hazardous materials. Using a trash pump for this purpose could result in serious damage to the pump, as well as potential harm to people and the environment. Specialized pumps are available for pumping hazardous materials, contact our team at Pumps Australia for all the advice you need for your pumping application

The maximum solid size that a trash pump can handle will depend on the size and design of the pump. Most trash pumps can handle solids up to 3 inches in diameter, but larger pumps can handle larger debris.

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