New Hydraulic Driven Products at Pumps Australia!

Compact Hydraulic Range now available!

While we’ve always done Hydraulic Driven pumps, we found from our customer’s feedback that they were a bit too cumbersome.  So we went back to the drawing board to make a more compact, easier to install hydraulic range.

We started by removing the base plate and couplings and guards that were needed for our old design.

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From there we make the new Pedestal design to act not only as the Pedestal for the pump and motor to be mounted on, but let it act as the coupling guard. From this small design change, it shaves almost 300mm in length and 100mm in width off the previous design!

But we weren’t just satisfied with that change.  We decided that the new design needed to be more robust, because of the RPM’s available on our hydraulic motors of up to 4000RPM the shaft connecting the pump and motor needed to be upgraded. So to counter this potential problem, we created the shaft sleeve from 316 Stainless Steel with higher tensile steel.

Not only did we over-spec the shaft, but we also did that with the bearings. Everything is designed for more horsepower and RPMs than what is achievable for the motor because we always believe in over-engineering for longer life.

The new hydraulic motors we’ve created come in 2 different models as standard with 16CC (52LPM @ 210Bar) and 8CC (26LPM @ 210Bar) requirements.

We believe these are the 2 most common used on modern-day truck hydraulics. The motors themselves are 2-Bolt SAE (perfect for Truck and Tractor applications) also specified with high-end quality materials, such as Cast Iron Endplates.

These motors also come in bi-directional and single directional models, meaning they can be used for powerpack applications too!

Not only did our Centrifugal pumps get a hydraulic upgrade, but so did our PX Range (Pressure Washers). Using the same thought pattern, we managed to upgrade

our pressure washers powered by hydraulics to be more compact. Also available with the 16CC and 8CC motors!


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