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Frequently Asked Questions - Flex Drive Pumps

Flex Drive Pump operates by using a flexible coupling to connect the motor to the pump. As the motor rotates, the flexible coupling transmits the rotational energy to the pump, causing the pump to oscillate and create a positive displacement action. This action draws in fluid on the suction side of the pump and forces it out on the discharge side.

Trash pumps can handle a wide range of solids and debris, including sticks, stones, gravel, sand, mud, and sludge. The maximum size of the debris that can be handled will depend on the size and design of the pump.

Maintenance for a Flex Drive Pump typically involves checking and replacing the flexible coupling, checking and replacing the pump element (such as the hose or diaphragm), and ensuring proper lubrication and alignment of the pump and motor components. The frequency of maintenance depends on the specific application and the operating conditions. Contact our technical team at Pumps Australia for all your maintenance needs and advice.

Sizing a Flex Drive Pump involves calculating the required flow rate and pressure for the application, taking into account factors such as the fluid viscosity, temperature, and specific gravity. Pumps Australia’s technical team can provide guidance on selecting the appropriate pump size and type for a given application.

Flex drive pumps are commonly used in applications where the pump must be located far away from the power source, such as in mining, construction, or agricultural settings. They are also useful in applications where the pump needs to be submerged in liquid, as the flexible shaft can easily bend and conform to the contours of the space. Contact the team at Pumps Australia to assist you in determining if a flex drive pump is the right choice for your application.

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