Pumps Australia’s new Range of Boilers and All in One Hot & Colds!

Upgrade to Hot: with range of boilers!

Looking to upgrade to Hot Water, but you already have a perfectly fine pressure washer? No problems!
Instead of going out to find a Hot & Cold pressure washer and spending top dollar, why don’t you just upgrade the one you have?

Well with Pumps Australia’s new and improved SAB Series (Stand Alone Boiler) you can exactly do that!

Completely designed, manufactured and tested here in WA at our Welshpool warehouse and only using the best brands and components, the SAB Series

is unmatched in quality. Able to be adapted to suit any pressure washer on the market, our SAB Range can handle flows from 10 to 30LPM and Pressures

up to and including 7,000psi.

The SAB Series can be powered by your standard single phase (240volt) outlet or our new 12volt technology, this means you can run our Boilers simply

Off a truck battery or any high-charge single cylinder engine, that means no more forking out for an expensive Genset!

With the new and improved SAB series, we’ve also managed to modify our Volcano & Xtreme series of Hot Water Pressure Cleaners.

Simply called Mix and Match, we can now manufacture our Hot Water Pressure Cleaners into 2 separate units connected by 2 quick connect Anderson plugs.

This means no more cumbersome large framed units that take up most of your Ute’s Tray! A modular design means you can simply mount to suit.

This range is perfect for Mine Sites, Shires, Councils and Heavy users of cleaning machinery.

All of our range can be mounted with Never Flat Tyres, meaning they are extremely mobile. Protected with Stainless Steel panels to protect from the harsh Australian sun,

These range of Boilers and Pressure Washers have a design life of more than 10 years.

For More information on our Stand-Alone Boilers (SAB) or our Xtreme/Volcano Hot and Cold Pressure Washers, please call our friendly staff on 1800 790 915

Complete all in one units...

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