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Pumps Australia has yet again has changed the Pressure Cleaner game, by making a stronger and more reliable range known as RDS Range.
RDS Simply means Run Dry Series, and like their name, these units are that simple. These units can be run without water for a period of up to 30minutes!

But how do the RDS last so long without water? Generally speaking, this is the Achilles heel of pumps in general. Well, it starts where the pump was manufactured, being Italian made and using nothing but the highest quality of parts.

The RDS series has Titanium coated Pistons, which eliminates thermal cracking. The Water seals are an amazing blend of plastic elastomers and support seals that can withstand temperatures over 200⁰C!

With all these upgrades, we still wanted to give our customers more. So, we worked on a way to make the Suction and Discharge valves to achieve the same high-temperature rating as the water seals. Doing this would make the pump

Suck water up from 500mm (0.5M) without cavitation issues, not to mention running in by-pass for up to 5hours. Making the RDS range a class above the rest.

Because of all these upgrades, Pumps Australia offers a 10 Year Limited Manufactures defect warranty! Another Industry first.

But that’s not all, because of the extremely high efficiency of the new RDS range, we’ve also developed another industry first. a true 3000psi at the gauge, single phase 240v pressure cleaner.
A Perfect solution for customers who don’t have 3phase, 415v power available but want the grunt of 3000psi!

The RDS range includes 7lpm to 15lpm with a pressure range from 1750 to 3000psi.


Available in Petrol, Diesel and Electric.

All designed and manufactured in Perth, WA.

For more information, please call our friendly staff on 1800 790 915.


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Pictured, RDS7-200 – The first true 3000psi 240volt pressure cleaner! This unit can be mounted in either frame to suit your application!

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