Pumps Australia at the Dowerin Field Days 2017

Pumps Australia is excited to be attending the Dowerin Feild Days, 2017 and will be displaying a wide range of pumps, high-pressure cleaners, and accessories.

Dowerin Field Days is one of WA’s largest and most significant agricultural events, attracting over 25,000 visitors annually.

A key product that will be displayed at the show will be the Nitro Stainless Steel Pump, Pumps Australia’s new high-quality, low-cost pressure pump. The Nitro series pumps are designed to handle 28mm of solids with a flow rate of 1400 LPM.

Viton Seals are also a standard for the new Nitro-Stainless Steel range. “We figured it would be a fruitless exercise if we didn’t match the quality used on the pump’s casing with the seals. Whilst other companies use Nitrile, which is fine for Flexi-N, we felt we should up the competition and use Viton Rubber Seals” John Warne said, “The result of this is that the customer is covered with all types of chemicals and applications”.

Come and visit us at as we launch our new Nitro Stainless Steel Pump, or pick up a Field Day special! We will be located at the machinery oval, Site #23.


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