Pumps Australia Announces the Release of the Nitro Stainless Steel Pump

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Pumps Australia is proud to announce a new high-quality, low priced high-pressure pump: the Nitro Stainless Steel Pump.

Pumps Australia Founder and Lead Designer, John Warne set about not only producing a pump that is 316 stainless steel but also designed a stainless-steel shaft sleeve to suit. The stainless steel sleeve works to protect the engine shaft from potential corrosion issues, resulting in a longer life for the Nitro Pump.

Viton Seals are also a standard for the new Nitro-Stainless Steel range. “We figured it would be a fruitless exercise if we didn’t match the quality used on the pump’s casing with the seals. Whilst other companies use Nitrile, which is fine for Flexi-N, we felt we should up the competition and use Viton Rubber Seals” John Warne said, “The result of this is that the customer is covered with all types of chemicals and applications”.

Being Grade 316 Stainless Steel isn’t the only thing that sets the Nitro-SS Series pumps apart, but also its impressive solids handling capabilities. The pump can easily handle up to 28mm of solids while maintaining its impressive maximum flow rate of up to 1400LPM!

The Nitro-SS series can be coupled on to Honda GX200, as well as an array of quality diesel engines, such as Yanmar and Kohler units. The unit can be easily modified to have electric start or emergency cut outs, with Pumps Australia also being able to mount the Nitro-SS into a stainless-steel frame upon request.

The design of the Nitro Stainless Steel Pump has been well considered and thorough, combining 20 years of knowledge and experience as a leader in the pumping industry. The conception and design of the Nitro Stainless Steel Pump align with Pumps Australia motto of “constantly seeking improvement while being better by design”.

The Nitro-SS is a new product Pumps Australia are launching at the Dowerin Field Days! So be sure to stop by our stand at Machinery Oval site 23.

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