Pump Up the Savings With Our New Patented Smartdrive!

WA based Pumps Australia Pty Ltd have come up with a couple of valuable innovations that will be applauded in the cleaning industry and by anyone who is looking for substantially longer operating life, reliability, cooler running, lower maintenance and operating costs, in a high-pressure washer pump.

Incorporated into their latest High-pressure cleaner – the PX15-280SD which belts out an impressive 4000psi at a very economical 15 litres per minute the clever additions make this washer one that will be hard to beat in terms of practicality, efficiency and longevity.

The Honda IGX 13HP auto throttle control engine with load sensing forms the heart and soul and you might say a “light-bulb” moment of the new machine by the team at Pumps Australia. They have made such clever use of the engine systems in ultimately making possible their own inventive new systems.

John Warne – Pumps Australia CEO explained the new system “Making use of the Honda IGX engine’s ability to down revs when the engine is not being put under load, our SmartDrive system works using our unique integration with that sensing system to disconnect the high-pressure pump entirely when the trigger is released. That means that the pump simply can’t run dry.

When pumps are left running for as little as 2 minutes plus, water in the head of the pump quickly reaches 60c and keeps on climbing to the point where seals fail.  

Because the SmartDrive system disconnects the pump when the trigger is released heat from the engine ceases to flow to the pump and it cools during the time it is not pumping. Effectively reducing heat wear and tear adds to the life of the machine.

Our SmartDrive system not only avoids running a pump dry but also avoids the gradual heat induced wear and tear that occurs when the pump is left running even for short periods with no flow from the gun”

The team at Pumps Australia have combined engineering experience spanning over 50 years and have become specialists in the field of engineering pumps to suit any application. They welcome the opportunity to engineer to specific client needs so if you have a customer with a wish list you might like to call John to discuss the issues.

It is just these kinds of challenges that have refined their research and development processes to the point where they have now patented their new SmartDrive technology and they are always looking out for ways to refine and improve the efficiency and usability of their pumps.

Another new development that was triggered by necessity is the boiler ignition system also incorporated into their new model. Available as an option the Honda petrol powered pump can offer the extra benefits of hot, (100c at the gun) or cold pressure washing.

Designed to meet Mining industry safety requirements the team have again made benefit from the Honda engines ability by utilising the 20amp charge circuit to enable a 12v DC supply that generates 20000v for the 30L capacity boiler ignition.

So here is a unit that can go into the back of the ute for transport anywhere and undertake any cleaning job whether hot or cold is required with safety and confidence. Great benefits to the hire and rental industry too as it’s pretty tough to damage this heavy duty machine.

The pump itself is a quality unit by Annovi Reverberi –  Italian manufactured with ceramic pistons, brass head, S/S valves, bronze con rods and German water seals.

There are far too many features to go into here but you would do well to check them out for yourself with the people at Pumps Australia. These will just about walk out the door by themselves to any of your customers who need a reliable cost effective cleaning solution.   

You can view Pumps Australia’s range here, or via email.

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