Pumps Australia Release New and Reliable High Pressure Pump

Reliable Pumps

Pumps Australia has released a range of high-pressure pumps with an extra heavy-duty drive that allows pumping up to 9m.

The Standard length of a pump drive is 6m from the engine to pump. However, the company has designed a 3m drive extension for those extra deep holes and pits.

The Pumps have been developed with the best percentages and mix with special steels to make the best reliable flex drives to date, according to the company.

These flex drives are produced with a high percentage of manganese steel for longer and reliable operating life.

The drive shaft diameter has been increased by 15 percent, said the to be the largest diameter drive of this design.

For more information on this and other products, please call Pumps Australia on Tel: 1800 790 915 or email sales@pumpsaustralia.com.au

0001640 av50 k45 diesel




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