Soft Washing Pumps

Soft Washing Pumps 

Soft washing pumps are pumps that operate at a lower pressure. This allows for a more delicate
cleaning technique that can be required for cleaning jobs that require more care and where a
high-pressure washer could cause damage.
Whilst high-pressure water pumps have high air pressure and project water at a greater impact;
soft wash pumps provide a lower-impact alternative.

Soft Wash Pumps

When to use soft washing pumps 

Soft washing methods are best used on more fragile surfaces. This can vary from roof shingles,
windows, walls with graffiti and paint spills, glass doors, fences with tree sap, wildlife debris,
lanais, screens, patio enclosures, stucco, wood panel sliding and outdoor furniture.

Add cleaning solutions to your soft wash pump for more effective cleaning. Cleaning solutions
need the following three ingredients for an effective clean:


One of the most effective disinfectants for cleaning jobs, bleach can be applied
to various surfaces such as floors, walls, counters and objects. Ensure to dilute bleach
with the following ingredients before using in your soft wash pump.


Surface active agents can vary from your everyday detergent, cleaning soap
or multi-purpose cleaner. Adding this into the cleaning solution will allow dirt, mould and
other substances to loosen.


The essential ingredient to your concentration—water. This will dilute the bleach
concentration, which otherwise could be harmful at higher concentrations.

Soft washing equipment

If you’re purchasing a soft washer, it’s important you acquire the best accessories to optimise the performance of your soft washer.


Choosing the correct nozzle to match your specific pump is essential to making the most of the pump’s capabilities.


To allow for sufficient movement and projection of the water and chemicals.


Soft washing systems are great for larger projects where you’ll need a long hose and hose reel.


You might find you will require swivels and couplings if your soft washer pump faces wear and tear and/or upgrades.

For more information

If you have any questions about soft washing, contact our team at Pumps Australia. Our team specialises in supplying the best pumps and pump accessories in Australia. We’re here to answer any and all questions you may have.

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