Introducing the Revolutionary Diesel-Powered Hot Water Boiler System from Pumps Australia

In the realm of high-pressure water systems, Pumps Australia is making waves with its latest innovation: the 40lpm HP Hot Water Diesel Fired Boiler. This diesel-powered marvel stands out as one of the most powerful and efficient systems available today, boasting an impressive 4000 Psi and 40Lpm performance. Designed for both individual use and as part of a complete high-pressure water blaster setup, this boiler is versatile enough to adapt to a wide range of customer applications.

Key Features That Set It Apart

Power Source Flexibility: Operating on diesel fuel, this boiler is equipped for convenience with dual power options, including a standard 12 Volts DC and an optional 240 Volts setup.

Advanced Combustion System: It employs two boiler fans for maintaining combustion, alongside a diesel fuel pump that ensures the correct air-to-diesel fuel burning ratio.

Uncompromised Safety: The boiler is engineered with safety in mind, featuring flame-out protection, a high-pressure safety relief valve, and an overpressure device, ensuring safe operation under all conditions.

Innovative Ignition and Control: With dual 10,000 volts ignition igniters, thermostat control ranging from 0-160C, and a fuel warning light, it guarantees precision and ease of use.

Robust Construction: The system boasts heavy-duty boiler coils made seamless for extended life, alongside two square cage fans, reinforcing its durability.

Exceptional Versatility and Adaptability

Pumps Australia’s commitment to meeting diverse customer needs is evident in the boiler’s adaptability. Whether electric, petrol, or diesel-driven, there’s a configuration that suits your specific requirements. For instance, a pressure cleaner operating at 40Lpm and 4000 Psi requires a 29 Hp or 21.5 Kw electric motor, which is perfectly aligned with our PXE 40-280 Bar l featuring a 21.5 Kw electric motor. This model exemplifies how power can be optimised to reduce pressure without sacrificing cleaning performance. Additionally, the option for soft starters minimises the power surge on startup, reflecting the thoughtful engineering behind each unit.

Designed for a Myriad of Applications

Whether it’s for industrial cleaning, agriculture, construction, or any other sector requiring high-pressure water solutions, this boiler system is engineered to deliver. Its high performance, coupled with safety and ease of use, makes it a truly remarkable solution for various high-demand applications.

Get Customised Solutions with Pumps Australia

Pumps Australia stands ready to fine-tune this high-pressure hot water boiler system to your exact operational needs. With many variations and options available, our technical team is just a call away from providing you with a tailored solution that meets your specifications.

For those in search of a high-performance, versatile, and safe hot water boiler system, look no further than the offerings of Pumps Australia. Dive into the future of high-pressure water systems with us and experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Contact the team at Pumps Australia today to explore how this diesel-powered hot water boiler can assist your operations.

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