Smartdrive – A Smarter way to Pressure Clean!

The Smartdrive Series

Are you tired of dealing with pressure washers that overheat and break down frequently? Say goodbye to those issues with the Pumps Australia Smartdrive Series!

This premium-grade cold water pressure washer features a patented system that disengages the engine from the pump when the trigger is not being pulled, bringing the pump to a complete stop. This innovative feature allows the pump to cool down, reducing the risk of damage to the water seals and prolonging the life of the pump.

 The Smartdrive 4000 & Smartdrive 2500 also boasts a Honda iGX390 13HP petrol engine with electric start, a Bosch 12-volt battery, and a 5000 PSI rated gun and lance for versatile cleaning options. Its adjustable pressure and dual lance allow you to switch between high pressure and detergent modes to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks.

And, with its low oil sensor shutdown system, the Smartdrive series provides added protection for your unit in the event of critical low oil levels. Plus, its stainless steel frame is lightweight and rust-resistant, while its never-flat tires make maneuvering a breeze. With a flow rate of 15LPM or 21LPM, this powerful pressure washer is capable of tackling even the toughest cleaning jobs.


Want More Power? No Problems!

For those who demand even more power and speed, Pumps Australia also offers the SmartDrive 21-4000 with a high flow rate of 21LPM. This larger model is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to tackle their cleaning jobs even faster and more efficiently. Honda iGX700 23HP petrol engine with electric start, a Bosch 12-volt battery, and a 5000 PSI rated gun and lance for versatile cleaning options

Upgrade to Hot & Cold!

What’s more, if you require both hot and cold water pressure cleaning capabilities, the Pumps Australia SmartDrive line has got you covered. Our experts can help you customize the SmartDrive 4000 to meet your hot water cleaning needs or recommend a suitable model from our hot water range. Contact us today to learn more!

 So, why settle for a pressure washer that can’t keep up with your cleaning needs? Choose the Pumps Australia Smartdrive series pressure washer and experience the benefits of its patented system, efficient performance, and advanced features today!

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