High Pressure Washers for WA Farmers

Pumps Australia Pty Ltd is a fully owned Western Australian Company and would like to introduce the New Honda  IGX Series Pressure Cleaner.

This Latest Pumps Australia model PX 15-280 IGX390 Honda IGX 13 Hp Electric Start high-pressure cleaner has a massive 4000 psi (5500PSI EWP with a Turbo Nozzle)  at a great Flow of 15 liters per minute, with one of the best Honda Engines ever designed and manufactured, and now available from Pumps Australia!

This IGX has a unique design to Honda, with its auto revving control. A special load sensing device within the Honda engine management system allows this to happen automatically at the pull of the trigger. The pressure cleaner engages at the pull of the trigger and engine idles back when trigger is released. In addition to this, the engine is the world famous easy start system. The new electric and recoil start has been redesigned to start even easier than Hondas before, with its larger ring pull diameter to allow easy pull start of the petrol engine.

Pumps Australia has identified that local WA farmer’s need of a heavier duty, longer lasting and more reliable high pressure cleaner so that all the multiple tasks that need to be performed, are cleaned effectively, they are well catered for with the IGX PX Series Pressure Cleaner.

Additional benefits of the Honda IGX are

·         Quieter and smoother running,

·         More fuel efficient

·         Longer operating and running life

·         Lower emissions

·         Eco friendly engine

The PX15-280 IGX model is perfect to add to any farmers list of equipment needs.  It is a heavy duty, portable unit, that has huge power output of 4,000 psi at 15 litres per minute (5500Psi EFT) . It is a great multi purpose unit which can be used in many rural and industrial applications including;

·         Cleaning of headers, tractors, trailers and other equipment after harvest, ready for storage.

·         Preparing equipment ready for seeding.

·         Removal of debris from equipment allowing access for repair of equipment between seasons.

·         Removing rust and scale on steel work e.g.: truck chassis before repair and painting


Pumps Australia has had significant input into the design and quality of these units. They are manufactured using only quality parts from Honda and Europe and now come equipped with an Patented auto temperature shut down protection device (Pro-tec Shut Down System)


This device protects against the most common form of failure in a pump which is when the pump is run without water flow.  As a result, this causes it to overheat and the seals therefore become destroyed and require replacement.  With this device fitted (standard on all Pumps Australia petrol units), the pump will automatically shut down when the water in the head of the pump becomes excessively hot.

Therefore protecting the seals and as a result savings in maintenance and downtime. These products are fully assembled in Perth with excellent service and parts backup.

These units include a heavy duty hot dipped galvanized frame with four 14 inch ‘Never Flat’ puncture proof tyres, quality Honda engine, new soft grip gun, stainless steel dual lance, nozzles, 10metres of hydraulic non marking high pressure hose and many other quality parts.

Pumps Australia Pty Ltd was established in early 1997 and has more than 40 years experience in high pressure water and pumping equipment.

This extensive experience enables Pumps Australia to advise their customers on what products, out of an extensive range, will suit their cleaning and pumping requirements.

Pumps Australia provides a service capability second to none.  They provide extensive backup and solution finding to all your pumping and process requirements. Including high-pressure water and cleaning systems.


Pumps Australia specialises in;

·         High-Pressure Water – Petrol, Diesel, Electric, Hot/Cold/Steam

·         High-Pressure Accessories.

·         Transfer Pumps – Petrol, Diesel, Electric

·         Pumping Solutions

All designed and manufactured in Australia by Pumps Australia Pty Ltd using genuine Honda engines, they also stock a huge range of high-pressure accessories. 

You can view our range of high-pressure cleaners and accessories here.

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