Product Spotlight: Flex Drive Pumps

What is a Flex Drive Pump?

Flex Drive Pumps are submersible pump units that are particularly useful in any scenario where a close-coupled pump may not be suitable for, pending the intended purpose. The Flex Drive Pumps are highly efficient units that are capable of sourcing water from depths of up to 6 metres. 

Weighing in from as low as 51kg, our industrial-grade Flex Drive pumps are easy to use and reliable in the toughest working conditions Australia has to offer. No matter what your job entails, we have the Flex Drive Pump for your requirements. We have a range of equipment pumps and parts that are flexible enough for all operations involved in getting that job done as quickly as possible but powerful enough for when you need it most. 

We understand that submersible pumps are generally put to work in harsh or extreme conditions. A number of industries that put Flex Drive Pumps to the test include waste management, mining, marine, agriculture and construction. With over 25 years of experience and expertise working alongside these industries, you can rest assured that our pumps are fit for your purpose and of the highest quality.

Advantages of Flex Drive Pumps

Some of the key advantages of the Flex Drive Pump is its submersible qualities, effectively resisting the general damage of being submerged in water or other liquid mediums. The housing itself is designed to resist corrosion and has watertight gaskets and seals that prevent liquid from any internal flooding. The critical parts assist in the operation of the pump to help avoid leaks and electrical issues when in use.

Another benefit of Flex Drive Pumps is that they are, in a number of circumstances, capable of operating more effectively and energy-efficient than other types of pumps. Rather than drawing the liquid into the pump, like most other types of pumps do, these submersible style pumps use pressure directly from an external source to push the liquid out, this is possible due to the pump itself being submerged.

Lastly, and a strong advantage is the fact that these pumps do not need to be primed first before operating. Flex Drive Pumps are known for their self-priming capabilities due to being submerged in the liquid medium intended on being pumped. Since these pumps are submerged they are generally much quieter during their operation.

Disadvantages of Flex Drive Pumps

As with any pumps, the Flex Drive Pumps come with their own set of drawbacks. As these pumps operate under the stress of being submerged they can be susceptible to leaks and operation failures due to worn seals. These parts are to prevent water from getting inside the pumps, but as with general wear and tear the deterioration of these components can happen. 

In many cases, submersible pumps are installed in locations that can be difficult to reach and at times pumps of this nature can be left without regular inspection or maintenance. Not addressing inspections or preventive maintenance can compromise the pumps’ service life in the long run. However, at Pump Australia, we have an excellent reputation for service and repair of all pumping equipment and its systems and can assist you in setting up routine inspections and maintenance to suit your needs.

If you do have any questions regarding what the best type of pump for your intended purpose may be, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Pumps Australia. 

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