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High pressure washer accessories

Although small, high pressure hose nozzles play a big part in the performance of your high pressure washer.

When you’re working with high quality pumps and equipment, it’s crucial you have the high quality accessories to match in order to optimise their performance. This will improve the overall output of your pump equipment as well as prevent ongoing wear and tear.  

High pressure washers are fantastic devices that can undoubtedly improve your deep cleaning efforts. However, to enhance their performance and maintain their cleaning capacity, you need to understand the types and ranges of accessories available.

From the high pressure hose, to the nozzle – every accessory attached to your high pressure washer plays a big part in its operations. 

Here, we dive deeper into the importance of high pressure hose nozzles and explain which one you should choose.

high pressure hose

High pressure hose nozzles

There are high pressure hose nozzles in the market that are designed to cater for different purposes such as cleaning a vehicle, cleaning the sidewalk or patio, and washing cars. The high pressure hose nozzle you choose should match your needs and requirements.

Before purchasing your high pressure hose nozzle, determine the job your high pressure washer will be performing. From here, you can then discover the best hose nozzle for your purposes.

Choosing the right nozzle for your hose

It’s said that choosing the correct high pressure hose nozzle is just as important as choosing the correct high pressure washer. Without the correct nozzle, the high performance of the washer can be negatively impacted – reducing pressure and even damaging the pressure washer itself.

For example, cleaning a vehicle as opposed to cleaning graffiti from a wall will require different nozzles. Whilst cleaning a vehicle will use less pressure and detergents, cleaning graffiti can involve higher pressure levels as well as chemicals. These attributes will impact your purchasing decisions.

Types of high pressure hose nozzles

Bullet Turbo Nozzle – 4000PSI

Bullet Turbo Nozzles are excellent entry level nozzles. From our Italian High-Quality selection, these nozzles will increase your effective working pressure by 30%. Rated for hot and cold use with a maximum temperature of 90⁰C. Explore more information here

Contractor Turbo Nozzle – 5100PSI

The Contractor Turbo Nozzle is a high-quality Italian industrial level nozzle that will increase your effective working pressure by 30%. Rated for hot and cold use (with maximum temperature at 100⁰C). Explore more information here

Stainless Steel Turbo Nozzle – 11650PSI

Increase your working pressure by 30% with this stainless steel turbo nozzle. By concentrating the water into a single point with rotation, this nozzle will assist with cutting through stains. Explore more information here

Contractor Turbo Nozzle – 5800PSI

This industry level nozzle will increase your effective working pressure by an impressive 30% Made from high quality materials in Italy, the nozzle can be adapted to any high pressure cleaner. Explore more information here

Varijet Nozzle – 3200PSI

This is an adjustable nozzle from 0⁰C – 100⁰C with additional detergent spray functions. It’s no wonder why the Varijet Nozzle is renowned as the jack of all trades! Ideal for all spraying applications, allowing you to manipulate the pressure as you spray. No more changing nozzles mid-job! Explore more information here

Stainless Steel Turbo Nozzle – 7200PSI

With an impressive rating of 7200PSI – the Stainless Steel Turbo Nozzle increases your cutting power and the effective working pressure by 30% Explore more information here

Turbo Nozzle – 4000PSI

The Turbo Nozzle is a great entry level nozzle that will increase working pressure by 30% and can be used in conjunction with hot and cold temperatures (maximum temperature 60⁰C). Explore more information here

Detergent Nozzle – 350 PSI

High-Quality Brass nozzle that allows the spraying of detergent and/or chemical. Explore more information here.

High Pressure Nozzle

This stainless steel high pressure nozzle (also commonly known as a Migject) can be adapted to any high pressure cleaner for the spraying of high pressure water. Available in a variety of angle spray patterns (0⁰C, 25⁰C and 40⁰C). Explore more information here

Types of high pressure nozzle kits

High Pressure Long Range Throw Nozzle Kit

Pumps Australia offers a selection of throw nozzle kits which suit most generic brand pressure cleaners. Good option if you have lost your high pressure cleaner’s nozzle or, you’re needing a variety of different nozzles for your jobs. See more information here

High Pressure Nozzle Kit 4000PSI (040 Size)

Red 0°C Pinpoint – With the ability to remove tough dirt and grime this nozzle is deal for hard concrete surfaces. 

Yellow 25°C Narrow Fan – Perfect for removing flaking paint and for heavy cleaning jobs. Recommended for cleaning jobs for wooden decks, fences, patios and driveways.

Green 60°C Wide Fan- The green nozzle is great for removing relatively loose dirt and grime in large areas such as cars, boats, outdoor furniture and garden equipment. 

White 40°C Wide Fan – This nozzle is versatile and can be used for all surfaces however, it’s recommended users apply detergent to the surface prior to cleaning. 

Black 40°C Soap – Similar to the White nozzle, the black nozzle can be used for all surfaces as long as users apply detergent to the surface prior to cleaning. 

See more information here

High Pressure Nozzle Kit – 4000PSI (030 Size)

The high pressure nozzle kit involves the same details as the previous High Pressure Nozzle Kit however, in a different size (030). Explore more information on this high pressure nozzle kit here

If you’re unsure which size to choose, talk with our team to determine which nozzle kit will fit your high pressure equipment.

Other nozzle accessories

Nozzle Holder 

This nozzle holder is ideal for high pressure nozzles as well as low pressure nozzles. With a durable protective shield, the holder prevents any blowback on the user. Explore more information here

Adjust Nozzle Holder – Small Rose 4000PSI

This is a nifty accessory for your nozzle, allowing you to twist the small rose nozzle to decrease the pressure of your spray, engaging the venturi device. Explore more information here

Talk with our team for more information

Here at Pumps Australia we stock a wide range of high pressure hose nozzles and accessories. If you’re unsure which nozzle to choose for your pump equipment, contact our team for help. 

Get the most out of your high pressure washer by choosing the best nozzle for your equipment and job. Explore our range here

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