Transforming Cleaning Efficiency: Introducing the Xtreme Steamer 4000

Xtreme Steamer - 4000 Continuous operation Dual operation

The Pumps Australia Extreme steamer superheated steam system makes short work of dirt and grime. The unit’s dual capacity, adaptable setting, digital and manual adjustment from hot and cold to steam operation gives the operator complete control. Allowing them to tailor their cleaning strategy to the building surface material. Eliminating the risk of damage with zero-pressure steam.
Steam is especially great for heritage building refurbishment.

The Xtreme 13/4000 Hot and Cold and 120⁰c Steamer has a dual system feature:

⦁ Yanmar Diesel L100 Electric start
⦁ Mine site spec
⦁ Italian AR Rated13LPM 4000 Psi Industrial Piston Pump
⦁ Boiler 15 LPM 4000PSI WP(Working Pressure) diesel fired boiler
⦁ 12 Volts system powered by the special Yanmar engine
⦁ When operating as a hot and cold unit
⦁ Unit delivery 13LPM @ 4000PSI hot and cold water

When operating as a steamer

⦁ Engine is slowed by turning the through 1 rotation ACW
⦁ Slowing the engine just above idle
⦁ Also turning the needle valve from
⦁ 11 O’clock position ACM to 8 o’clock (i.e. ¼ of a turn)
⦁ These two adjustments reduce the flow from 13 LPM to 8 LPM (approx.)
⦁ Allowing the boiler to superheat the water to steam

Colgan Steamer


Mining & Industrial Equipment Cleaning

Traditionally, high-pressure water units, both hot and cold, have been used to clean large and small mining and industrial equipment. These units typically operate with detergents at pressures around 4000 PSI and a flow rate of 15 to 21 litres per minute (LPM). This method has been effective for many years. However, there are some issues associated with it:

  • Potential Damage: The force of water at 4000 PSI can cause damage to the equipment.
  •  High Water Usage: With a flow rate of 21LPM, the system consumes a significant amount of water, over 1000 litres per hour (equivalent to 1 ton of water). This also puts a heavy load on the water separator and recycling system.

In contrast, steam cleaning offers several advantages:

  • Low Water Consumption: Steamers use around 8 lpm at 120°C with zero pressure, relying on the rapid expansion of steam.
  • Gentle Yet Effective: This method is highly effective at cleaning engine bays and industrial equipment without causing damage.
  • Dry Surfaces: For oily and greasy equipment, steamers not only remove contaminants but also leave surfaces dry, allowing technicians to work without worrying about damage to shaft seals or hydraulic ram seals.
  • Versatility: Steamers are particularly useful for removing heavy grime, such as the red Pilbara grime, from oily and heavy equipment.

Stone & Masonry

For stone and Buildings, consistent maintenance and conservation eliminate the risk of dirt and grime over time, biological matter can damage the stone structure’s integrity and preventative measures keep the surface clean

Hulls of boats

Using Pumps Australia’s Xtreme steamer is an absolute must to remove seaweed and barnacles in an instant. Importantly it does it with zero pressure. There minimal to no pressure on the wood and fibreglass hulls, the steamer, which operates at 120⁰C, also should be able to terminate any bugs nestled in the wooden or fibreglass hulls.


The Xtreme steamer skid mount efficiently removes engrained dirt and contaminants on brick buildings. Where build-up can cause long-term and costly damage. The Xtreme steamer also cleans paint graffiti while leaving no harmful residue.


Wooden surfaces require a gentle approach, as the material can easily become saturated and
therefore, damaged. The Xtreme steamer skid produces low-pressure steam and uses minimal water to carefully clean wooden surfaces.


With the Xtreme steamer settings it can clean paint without leaving surfaces damaged. A gentle yet powerful approach means operators can trust this unit to maintain the authentic appeal of painted surfaces.



Above; Custom Build Xtreme Steamer Px13-280 Yanmar L100ES  4000Psi- or Zero Psi Steamer


High Pressure Water gun no trigger

Above; Special Steamer Gun only
 ⦁ No Trigger
 ⦁ Zero pressure
 ⦁ Double insulated
 ⦁ Pumps Australia special design nozzle 8 steamer holes for correct diffusion of the saturated steam

Fig 69D - Spray Gun with Dual Lance Assembly

Above; High-pressure hot water dual gun and Insulated lance 


Nozzle 2

New Nozzle – Pumps Australia design for steamer

Part nozzle – Steamer1/4BspF-200P-2>1 – 8 Orifices

This Nozzle maintains water temperature at 120°C before converting it to steam.

Thanks to Pumps Australia’s integrated dual system, the first of its kind available in Australia,
the skid-mounted unit operates at 6 LPM. Its diesel engine runs at idle, making it extremely

This unit is tailored for cleaning brickwork, stone, wooden surfaces, and mould. It ensures both resource efficiency and rapid daytime drying. The reduced water usage minimizes saturation, making it especially suitable for cleaning delicate structures and materials, as there is no pressure impacting the surface.

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