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Introducing Our Ultra High Pressure Range - Class B - Aus Std

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Introducing the new Ultra High Range of Pressure Cleaners by Pumps Australia! Powered by the world’s best V-Twin 35HP petrol engine from Vanguard while using a belt and pulley set up to an Italian-made Annovi Reverberi pump producing 21L/pm at 7000psi. This unit is completely compliant with AS/NZ Standards Class B Operation which requires a 2man operation.

The PX21-500V35 uses a stainless-steel water reservoir with a large 20inch water filter, this helps keep the unit from running out of water. Not the mention we install a low-level water shutdown inside of the tank to stop the completely if there’s no water. Protecting your unit from cataphoric failure.
We also use a larger than industry standard fuel tank, which means you can run the unit for lengthy hours without having to refuel, reducing down time.
Every fitting is reinforced with Whip Checks and Safety rated D-shackles, preventing any possible blow offs, as well as having a Stainless-Steel quick release 8700psi rated foot control valve for the 2nd operator.  The PX21-500V35 also comes standard with Emergency Stop and Lockable Battery Isolator.

The Gun and Lance are rated to 8700psi and have a proper gun stock for the user to help control and take the brunt of force from the end of the gun.

7000psi still not enough? Simply use a turbo nozzle and upgrade your cutting pressure to 9100psi!

Ideal for industries that need high volume pressure washers at extreme high pressures, such as Culvert and Sewer Cleaning Applications. Another great application for these units is Concrete truck cleaning and removing dried concrete, paint or rust.

These units are also available in Diesel.

Contact our friendly sales staff on 1800 790 915 to find out more about this unit or other high pressure cleaner pumping requirements you have!

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