High Pressure Water: Rotary Floor Cleaners (RFC)

Whether you’re currently a high pressure professional cleaning contractor or, in the need of surface cleaning products for large areas (such as car parks or even domestic paving clean ups), no doubt you need  heavy duty equipment to suit  your application. Choosing a high quality rotary floor cleaner will dramatically change the way you clean surfaces.

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What is a rotary floor cleaner?

Rotary floor cleaners are professional, high pressure water surface cleaners that are built for heavy-duty use. These professional surface cleaners are used on open flat surfaces delivering power between 3000 – 5000psi (on average) with flows of 10 to 26lpm. Professional rotary cleaners are a great option for commercial, industrial  and residential purposes. 

Design incorporates a rotating head with an arm and two 25 degree angled nozzles. Nozzles are offset to create rotation with the water pressure, rotating approximately at 100 RPM. Rotary floor cleaners operate much similar to the operation of cutting grass in the sense where as you push the cleaner along, the base hovers over the area , cleaning with precision and purpose. 

Professional rotary floor cleaners can be  used in  a wide range of market segments  to clean concrete, natural stones, metals, wood, linoleum, asphalt and many other hard surfaces (even grain silos). The surface cleaners spray water evenly through the rotating nozzles, using high pressure water to clean tough, dirty, greasy areas. 

Pumps Australia supplies a range of different rotary floor cleaners. There are undercarriage cleaners, combo surface cleaners, street sweeper contractor cleaners, vacuum assisted surface cleaners as well as our new Rotary Floor Cleaner with extractor “all in one” unit. . Explore the full range of surface cleaners here. See our rotary floor cleaner in action via our YouTube video.

Do you need a rotary floor cleaner?

Common areas which require professional rotary floor cleaners  include:

  • Public areas
  • Large car parks
  • Warehouse floors
  • Production interiors
  • Shopping centres
  • Private commercial buildings
  • Carports
  • Factories
  • Courtyards and outdoor spaces
  • Petrol  stations
  • Patios and terraces
  • Outdoor spaces and parks
  • School auditoriums

Sometimes, large areas such as car parks or footpaths are cleaned using high pressure cleaners that utilise a gun, lance and nozzle.  However, using this method has its drawbacks such as; overspray, damage to plants or other items nearby as well as compromising the safety of people passing by.  Use of rotary floor cleaners overcome these issues whilst doing the job just as well if not better.

So, if you’re in search of this type of reliable equipment to help with your application, Pumps Australia rotary floor cleaners, pressure washers and associated equipment  are the best solution. Clean various surfaces and spaces efficiently and effectively.

Clean more in less time – up to 50% 

Rotary floor cleaners are great choices if you need to clean a large area such as a wall or big driveway in a short period of time. Considering time is money, this is an immensely valuable investment for professional cleaning jobs. Save time, make money and maintain your premium services.  

Here at Pumps Australia we’re excited to release our new range of rotary floor cleaners. Our latest range includes fitted educators which sucks up the water and discharges it 25 ft away.  This means that there is no need for pumps or vacuum cleaners which minimises mess which reduces workload, these units can also be used inside or outside.. 

So, if you’re unsure where to begin, consider Pumps Australia’s Vacuum Assisted Surface Cleaner Series, or, the  Rotary Floor Cleaner Contractor Series, which is a high performing surface cleaner for outdoor cleaning. Both options are designed specifically for professional cleaning applications.

High performance

Rotary floor cleaners  work wonders on both indoor and outdoor surfaces in widely varying conditions. 

If you clean surfaces, you would have noticed how quickly dirt, chemicals and germs build up on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This results in an unattractive and often dangerous surface. Exhaust gasses, lichens, moss, oils, soils, mold and other residues fall onto the surface and often cause health and safety issues that require instant attention. To remove these tough and troublesome residues with ease you’ll require a rotary floor cleaner.. 

Due to their high performance, rotary floor cleaners  effectively remove contaminants without the need for additional chemicals. This is greatly beneficial to the environment as well as the health of the individual using the cleaner. With its high pressure and great performance, rotary floor cleaners  can transform any dirty area into a safe, polished and welcoming environment.

Easy to use 

With an easy to understand process, rotary floor cleaners  can be used by anyone. Simply attach the components , double check they’re secure and turn it onr. The rotary floor cleaner  will do all of the hard work, all you need to do is operate. Move the cleaner over the tough areas and watch as the appearance of your dirty surface is transformed.. With no splash back or streaks, professional rotary floor cleaners are a truly fantastic solution to tough cleaning tasks. 

We recommend working down the dirty surface in a snake-like pattern, covering the previous cleaned strip by one third. Following this system should  guarantee a completely clean area. When you see the result, you’ll see a dramatic difference in using a rotary floor cleaner over other cleaning devices.  

Instructions are included with each purchase. We encourage all customers to read through the instructions prior to using the equipment. 

Servicing and repairs

If you experience any issues with your rotary floor  cleaner, our service  team are experts in all aspects of  repairs and servicing. 

We carry all of the parts and accessories so you never have to worry about having to place an order internationally or replace the entire surface cleaner. Purchase gun, lances, nozzles and accessories easily via our online store. In addition, we manufacture small 12 inch RFC hand held units which are used to clean vertical surfaces such as walls and showers.

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Contact our team

To find a suitable rotary floor cleaner  for your application  ask yourself the following: 

  • What pressure do I require?
  • What is the size of the area?
  • Do I require hot or cold water?
  • Do I need to recover waste water?
  • What residues are there ?
  • Will I need  indoor, outdoor or both?

For further help, speak to our team today and we’ll ensure we select the best rotary floor cleaner for your job.

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