Head to Head: Honda GP200 vs GX200


This isn’t a head to head, fighter takes it all kind of story! We should start with that first. It’s no humble beginnings, the usual Rocky Balboa story of dreams of making it big by knocking off the top dog. No, this is more of a working together, side by side story. It’s the story of the Honda GP200.

The GP series is the first of its kind, using the DNA that made its bigger brother the GX series a worldwide household name. The Honda GP200 is the next big thing and Pumps Australia saw the Honda vision and got in on the ground floor by ordering shipping containers of the engine. Able to be interchanged with any pump that uses a GX200, Pumps Australia can now offer that great Honda Quality without the massive price tag that was associated with the name. This changes everything, farmers in the rural sector now can have
Flexi-N pumps powered by a Honda GP for a fraction of the price they’re used to paying. That means more steak dinners for the farming community!

Farmers are not the only winners with this new engine from Honda, small contractors and shires can now have access to a Honda Powered Pressure cleaner for under the $1,000 mark! Homeowners can have that Honda peace of mind with Fire Fighters starting at $650.

Performance-wise, the GP200 trades blows with the GX200 producing the same 4.1kW @ 3600RPM. The Short Block, Carburettor is the same on the GP as the GX series. Also still using that first pull easy start reliability that the GX Series is famous for, Honda has made sure that follows through into the GP Series.

Honda also backs its GP Series engines with a 1-year factory warranty. Using the Honda Dealer network that means there’s a repair agent around the corner from you, no matter where in Australia you are!

For more information on the Honda GP series and the products can be powered by it, please call the sales team at Pumps Australia on 1800 790 915 – we would love to show you how the GP series engine can save you money! 


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