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Drain Cleaning Accessories Guide 

To optimise the performance of your drain cleaner, you need to invest in the best drain cleaning accessories. If you have a powerful drain cleaner yet, an ineffective hose or a cheap nozzle – your drain cleaner won’t perform nearly as well. To complete your drain cleaning kit, invest in the below accessories.


1. Drain Cleaning Reel

Drain cleaning reels are simple mechanisms that have been built specifically to withstand the pressure and needs of drain cleaning pipes. Smooth, functional and mobile – drain cleaning reels allow for easy use and accessibility.

We supply a range of drain cleaning reels recommended for different sized pipes. Each of Pumps Australia’s reels is built lightweight with galvanised materials and 100% Aussie made. Light in weight but strong in function – purchasing a drain cleaning reel is a necessary investment.

Note: When looking for a reel for your drain cleaning equipment, ensure to select the correct reel for the pipe size of your drain cleaner. We include the recommended pipe size on each reel product description. If you’re still unsure, talk with our team and we’ll be able to match the correct reel with your sized pipe.

2. Drain Cleaning Nozzle

There are 6 main drain cleaning nozzles to choose from, each delivering different benefits and outcomes. Below are some of our most popular choices:

Open Nozzle

As the name suggests, the open nozzle is open. There’s a small orifice at the tip where the water projects from at high pressure. This type of nozzle is typically used for initial penetration of 3” – 10” sewer lines with medium to heavy stoppages. 

Penetrator Nozzle

Compared with the open nozzle, penerator nozzles are more versatile and are often used in general cleaning tasks. These nozzles are available in 20, 30 and 45 degrees. 

Blind Bomb Nozzle 

Blind Bomb nozzles can offer different jet directions, allowing you to be specific with targeting the direction of the water and conserve water usage. 

Turbo Rat Nozzle 

This is one of our most popular nozzles, designed especially for storm sewers and culverts with heavy root build up. 

Hammerhead Nozzle

Hammerhead nozzles are a versatile choice with 1 forward and 2 rotating back nozzles. Ideal for clearing large blockages with high flow units. 


Kits are also available from Pumps Australia, offering a selection of nozzles to choose from. Browse the Pumps Australia website to view our entire nozzle selection.


3. Drain Cleaning Hose 

Every high performing drain cleaner needs a high performing hose. It might sound like a simple accessory, but really the hose plays a vital role in transporting your liquid. It’s essential you invest in a durable hose to accommodate your specific job. Read through each of our drain cleaning hoses and find the one that suits your needs the best. 

There are 3 main types of materials hoses are made from:


  • Bends easily due to it’s lightweight
  • A nonstick outer cover
  • Low friction loss
  • Extremely economical

Whip Hose

  • Ultra lightweight 
  • A non-stick outer cover
  • Ultra flexible
  • Designed for small traps only

R2 Steel Braided Hose

  • Extremely durable
  • A non-marking outer cover
  • Supply hose to drain cleaning reel

As with all drain cleaning accessories, it’s important to select the correct accessory for your pipe size. 

4. Safety & Extra Tools

After you’ve purchased your drain cleaning unit, you might want to consider purchasing accessories to go with. Other accessories you’ll need to purchase for your drain cleaning equipment include:

Safety Foot Pedal

These are emergency stop foot switches that are often used in industrial settings. Operated by the worker’s foot, these pedals have been designed specifically to counter hazards and prevent injury. When the job is sensitive or you’re working with chemicals, safety foot pedals are incredibly useful. 

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are essential when working in or near conditions that have the potential to cause eye injury. Sometimes hazards are foreseeable but oftentimes they’re not – avoid unexpected injuries by wearing safety glasses for all pump jobs. 

Safety Gloves

Wearing safety gloves protects your skin from potentially harmful chemicals that might cause infection or contamination. If you’re working with chemicals, wearing gloves is essential.

Safety Plate

Safety plates are made from heavy duty rubber and sit over the drain to stop the drain cleaning hose from flinging back on forth. Due to the high pressure of the hose, it can cause unexpected movement and hazards. For these situations, a safety plate is recommended. 

Whip Check

Whip checks are used to prevent the unexpected and uncontrolled flaying of the hose. Whip checks provide great protection and control to avoid injury and hazards of persons involved. 

Safety Sign 

Safety signs are crucial in any work environment. It’s vital to display signs to inform pedestrians, coworkers and your team of the possible dangers and hazards in certain situations. Safety signs needs to be used for various purposes from 

Tiger Tail

Tiger Tails are used to protect hoses from wear and tear on sharp edges. They’re light and flexible, visible with their tiger colours and prevent hazards (such as tripping over the hose). Tiger Tails are a great accessory if you’re looking to increase the longevity of your hose materials. 

Complete your gear

Now that you know what gear to choose, browse the Pumps Australia website and find everything you need. If you have questions about any of the products, let our team know. We’re always happy to talk about pumps and pump equipment!

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