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Pumps Australia started with a blank sheet of paper in a bedroom in a quadruplex in Bassendean in 1998, with an ideal to manufacture quality Pressure washers and transfer Pumps.

Pumps Australia is now enjoying steady growth with the Perth based company relocating to substantially larger premises in Welshpool.  Much of the growth is attributed to the success of the High-Pressure Washers, Transfer and Trash pumps, Honda & Vanguard Petrol Engines & Yanmar & Kohler diesel engines. 

The new Pumps Australia location is a high-profile corner site in the suburb of Welshpool, with a huge 4300 m² site has a massive showroom, administration centre and an enormous manufacturing area with adjacent warehousing. 

From the moment a customer enters the showroom, Pumps Australia presents as a highly professional company.  The showroom is open plan with the extensive Pumps Australia product range on display.    

At the end of the showroom is a spare parts counter and beyond that the factory floor.  Here, more than  2000 m² of floor space is dedicated to Production & Servicing  and warehousing. It’s a busy area, well laid out and with room for even further expansion as the business continues to grow.

“We moved to the new property with a view to gaining both greater manufacturing capacity and greater efficiencies in production,” said John Warne, MD of Pumps Australia.

“To achieve our production and delivery objectives we need to carry better-than-average stock levels of components.  We essentially manufacture to order, so we need to have a large supply of Pumps and Engines & HP Accessories on hand to draw on when needed.”

The signature range at Pumps Australia is the series of Honda and Yanmar powered, high-pressure washers and firefighting and water pumps. 

These mobile pumps are powered by the Honda Gx series and soon the new Honda GP Series, and Yanmar L series diesel engine, specifically chosen by Pumps Australia for this demanding application.  

“Our point of difference is quality and availability of fantastic old fashion service – We care,” said John Warne. 

“Pressure pumping is a highly competitive market.  We leave the bottom end of the market to the cheap overseas imports which are manufactured to achieve specific price points.”

“Our association with Quality first world engine manufacturers is about quality. 

Many of our Pumps Australia products end up in very remote locations or down a mine.  The reliability of the Quality Engines is reflected in our warranty claims which are exceptionally low.”

According to John Warne, Honda and Yanmar are the perfect match to the company’s premium end pumping products.

“There’s no question that Honda and Yanmar is a high-quality product.  It has a superior finish and is the best of the engines available in terms of design and operation and reliability ”

In terms of the future, John Warne is confident that his family business has the vision and drive to flourish over the next 20 years. 

Together with sons Gareth and Ben, John Warne is looking to expand upon the existing range of pumping products. 

“We believe that our business model is solid.  We have a proven product range and there are further expansion opportunities that are open to us,” John said.

“Our R & D department is dynamic and proactive.  We are currently investigating other products which can be applied to our manufacturing capability.  Our vision for the future includes industrial grade products which go beyond pumping. We also foresee Pumps Australia branches in the Eastern states too.”

Honda Vanguard  & Yanmar & Kohler will certainly be a part of this next phase of development,” John Warne concluded.

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Pumps Australia is a unique force in the Pumping and High-Pressure water industry as we are continually researching and developing new initiatives to endeavour to improve our products to meet your changing needs.