Pumps Australia for Toogoom Rural Fire Brigade

At Pumps Australia, we always pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality services and products to our customers.

We recently heard from the Toogoom Rural Fire Brigade, who purchased one of our units to replace a failed pump on their light attack firefighting vehicle.

“To Whom it May Concern,

Toogoom RFB had serious problems when the Davey/Yanmar pump unit mounted on the rear of our Nissan Patrol (light attack vehicle) failed.

Extensive search revealed that Pumps Australia based in Western Australia had A Wet End Unit that would marry up with the Yanmar crank.

The Wet End sourced was received promptly by our specialists, AWT (Advanced Water Technology – at Old Maryborough Road Hervey Bay Q4655) who was able to have the pump mated to the Yanmar and reassembled on the Nissan Patrol within 24 hours of receipt of the Wet End from Pumps Australia WA.

The Pumps Australia unit has outperformed the old Davey unit in every way both in Lift and Pressure and has at this stage given notice to other well-known brands being used in the operational firefighting vehicles.

To date, the Toogoom RFB is very pleased with the performance of the replacement unit from Pumps Australia WA.”

If you are requiring any firefighting pumps, you can view our range here, or contact us for custom builds. 


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