Pumps Australia now stocking Kipor Engines

Pumps Australia are now proud suppliers of Kipor Engines!

No sacrifice in quality is made with the Kipor Engines, which offer great quality, diesel-powered performance at an entry-level price.

Unique Drive System
The drive gear design is incorporated into the latest KIPOR diesel engine which will greatly reduce vibration and noise.

Fuel System Technology
The precision machined and precisely timed injection pump and the direct-injection design leads to lower fuel consumption and reduced tailpipe emissions. The engine meets current and proposed EPA emission standards.

Advanced Noise-Reducing Design
Kipor engines come fitted with highly efficient mufflers, which significantly reduce the exhaust noise. This is in addition to the design of the cylinder block, engine cover and valve train which all work together to minimise noise levels.

All engines come with Japanese ignition system, Japanese bearings and 12-month Pumps Australia warranty.

View our range of Kipor Engines, 4HP to 24HP, here


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