No Job too Small or too Big for Pumps Australia!

That was the challenge set for Pumps Australia 10 years ago by BHP Billiton. We answered that brief with a versatile, reliable and robust Hot Water High-Pressure Jetting Unit to survive the roughest environments and terrain.

Pumps Australia designed and manufactured a hot dipped galvanized heavy duty trailer to handle the difficult Australian off road conditions and harsh environment of the North West. This high-pressure jetting trailer was built strong to carry the X’treme Px21-280 Diesel Hot & Cold High-Pressure Cleaner.

Specs of this unit

  •         21Lpm at 3800Psi (5500PSI-EWP)  
  •         Class A unit – one man operation
  •         Hot Water Temperature to 160c
  •         Continuous Operation
  •         Stainless Steel Enclosure

Hot water boiler tubes rated to 5000psi seamless German coils with a 240-volt ignition system all sound attenuated enclosure

This unit for 6 years continuously on site, enduring long periods of operation, cleaning mine site drills, shovels, trucks and many other pieces of equipment without issues, just standard routine maintenance.

4 years ago in 2010 BHP Billiton Engineering requested these units be converted totally to 12volts DC as mine site Safety policies had altered, not allowing inverters and definitely not 240 volts.

Through Pumps Australia R & D team involving testing over 3 months, a logical and reliable system was designed by using the charging circuit of the diesel engine and not using any Generators, inverters or complicated circuit boards.

Pumps Australia has further developed an ignition system 12volt DC to 20,000volt DC – which is technically advance over the original system and even more reliable and sharper ignition.

The design is mine site safe, being only 12 volts and very reliable. This new design has been operating on mine sites all over the country for more than 4 years.

Pumps Australia has a wide range of hot and cold units; the largest diesel hot and cold jetting unit is 32LPM at 7000PSI with a 12volt DC system and is completely mine site safe.

These units are manufactured at Pumps Australia’s Brand New 4300mtr2 facility in Perth WA along with a great range of other high pressure jetting equipment, powered by quality petrol, diesel and electric motors and engines. We welcome custom designs and support our products with a large inventory of spare parts and a full operating service centre 

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