NFT140 – 14″ Never Flat Tyre (Offset)

NFT140 - 14" Never Flat Tyre (Offset)

Part No. NFT140
Tyre Size 14/4.00-6
Axle Diameter 20mm
Diameter (mm) 355
Tyre Width (mm) 100
Load Capacity (kg) 120
Not for Highway/Highspeed use.
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Tired of your tyres running flat all the time? Can’t be bothered always filling the air up? We have the product for you! Introducing Pumps Australia’s Never Flat Tyre! Completely foam filled these tyres never need repairing or refilling of air! Available in different sizes these tyres are ideal for your pressure cleaner, trolley jack or even jockey wheel on your trailer!

Made for Australia’s harsh climate these Tyres don’t care if you leave them out in the sun or push them on rocky roads.

Not for Highway/Highspeed use. 

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 300.0 × 200.0 × 100.0 cm
Shaft Size

3/4" (20mm)

Size (Inches)


Width (Inches)


Maximum Weight

120 kg



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