Kipor KP80(KM186F) – 8.5HP

Kipor KP80(KM186F) - 8.5HP

Type Single-cylinder, vertical, air-cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection
Bore×Stroke 86 × 72 mm
Displacement 0.418 L
Compression ratio 19:1
Rated power/ Rated speed 5.7 kW/3000 r/min, 6.3 kW/3600 r/min
Lowest rotation speed at zero load ≤1300 r/min
Lubricating system Pressure splashed
Starting system Recoil starter/Electric starter
Rotation direction Anticlockwise
Fuel type 0#, -10#, -20# diesel
Fuel tank capacity 5.5 L
Fuel consumption/related rotation speed 275.1 g/kW.h/3000 r/min, 281.5 g/kW.h/3600 r/min
Lube oil type CD grade or SAE 10W-30, 15W-40
Lube oil capacity 1.65 L
Starting motor capacity 12 V 0.8 kW
Charging generator capacity 12 V 3 A
Battery capacity Above 12V 36 Ah
Overall dimension 420 x 440 x 495 mm
Dry weight 52 kg(electric starter)

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Straight-line, Air-cooled, and Four-stroke

  • Straight-line cylinder body
  • Simple and compact structure of cylinder body, cylinder head, and crankshaft
  • Excellent characteristics at low speed torque
  • Low fuel consumption


Direct injection combustion chamber with P series nozzles not only boosts power but also reduces emissions and smoke.
Low exhaust emissions meet EPA II standard.

Low Vibration and Low Noise

KIPOR’s constant technical innovation achieves the target of superior vibration and noise reduction. Low vibration and noise makes operators feel comfortable even after long hours of operation.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Plunger fuel injection pump decreases unnecessary bulk. Separation of cylinder liner and engine body facilitates maintenance.

Hitachi Starter Motor

A world renowned brand, Hitachi make some of the best starter motors for engines from Single Cylinder to Car motors. This means your Kipor engine will always start first time.

Japanese Bearings

High Quality Bearings ensure that Kipor engine will run like a new engine for years to come.

Additional information

Engine Brand


Engine model

Kipor KP80 Electric Start

Engine hp


Electric start engine


Engine shaft

1 Inch QXU



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Stationary Diesel Engine – Kipor


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