Fig 444-T5 – Truckwash 5Litres

Fig 444-T5 - Truckwash 5Litres

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Truck Wash is a versatile, water based cleaner and degreaser. It may be used for truck washing and general cleaning, workshops and degreasing of mining equipment.

The added benefit of this product is its thick formulation for extra cling when cleaning hard to get to and vertical surfaces

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  • Phosphate free;
  •  Butyl Icinol Free ;
  •  Biodegradable;
  •  Thick formulation for effective degreasing of vertical surfaces;
  •  Non hazardous, safe to use product;
  •  Quick breaking;
  •  Advanced formulation that removes oils and grime from hard surfaces;
  •  Safe to use underground.

Additional information

Weight5.0 kg
Dimensions300.0 × 200.0 × 100.0 cm


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