Annovi Reverberi XMA-SS0.5G15 + F33

Annovi Reverberi XMA-SS0.5G15 + F33

Technical Data

Category Stainless Steel
Shaft 5/8″ Hollow
Pump XMA-SS0.5G15E 
Version IS
AR Code 21435
Capacity (lpm)        1.9
Capacity (gpm) 0.5
Pressure (bar) 103
Pressure (psi) 1500
Power (hp) 0.6
Power (kw) 0.4

SKU 21435 Category


Annovi Reverberi Positive displacement pump alternative to 3 pistons for use of washing groups and industrial plants.
Pump body and covers in die-cast aluminum alloy. Rear cover with drain and oil level. Movement of the pistons realized through the system of the connecting rod – crank. Steel shaft pump high resistance printed. Oversized Main bearings. Connecting rods made of special cast aluminum alloy with anti-friction properties. All ceramic Pistons. Head stainless steel pump. Dual gasket sealing system. Valve caps both suction and discharge tubes for a better maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 7.0 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm


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