Annovi Reverberi RSS 11.14 N (2800rpm)

Annovi Reverberi RSS 11.14 N (2800rpm)

Technical Data

CategoryIndustrial Cleaning
PumpRSS 11.14 N
Shaft24mm Solid Shaft
AR Code27186
Capacity (lpm)       11
Capacity (gpm)2.90
Pressure (bar)140
Pressure (psi)2000
Power (hp)4
Power (kw)3

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Annovi Reverberi 3 pistons positive displacement pump for use on cleaning units and industrial systems. Can be coupled to various types of motors, directly or with flexible joint. Pump body in die-cast aluminium alloy with oil drain outlet. Rear cover in die-cast aluminium alloy. Pistons driven by crank-connecting rod mechanism. Pump shaft in pressed high-strength steel. Oversized friction bearings. Connecting rods in die-cast special low-friction zinc-aluminium alloy. Pistons in ceramic-coated stainless steel . Pump head in pressed brass. Double gasket sealing system. Intake and delivery valves have plugs for easier maintenance. Integral regulating valve.

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 cm
Flow Rate (lpm/gpm)

11 / 2.9

Pressure (bar/psi)





24mm Solid Keyway

Power Req. (Hp/kW)

4 / 3



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