AR 303 SP BlueFlex™

AR 303 SP BlueFlex™

Technical Data
CategoryMedium pressure
ProductAR 252
VersionSP SGC
Number of diaph2
Delivery (l/min)24,6
Delivery (gpm)6.5
Pressure (bar)25
Pressure (psi)362
Power (hp)1,42
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Semi-hydraulic two-diaphragm pump, for use in the gardening  or semi-professional agricultural sectors. Trolley-mounted in combination with electric motors or internal combustion engines for gardening, and small sprayers for medium-pressure pesticide treatments in gardens, greenhouses, orchards or vineyards. Parts in contact with pumped liquids in anodized aluminium, and AISI 303/304. Diaphragms in BlueFlex™. Seals in NBR. Die-cast casing with oil-immersed mechanism and clear plastic tank for visual level checking. Fitted with air-hydraulic damper for smoother operation and less hammer effect in the delivery circuit. Pistons with ring for a more efficient “oil cushion” system to protect the diaphragm. Metal fasteners with galvanised finish. Available with reduction gearboxes for electric motors or internal combustion engines and flanges for hydraulic motors or small cultivating machines.

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