High Pressure Cleaner Fundamentals

High Pressure Cleaner Fundamentals

High pressure water cleaners (also commonly known as Water Blasters or Pressure Washers) are fantastic to use across various industries for multiple applications. From sterilising machinery, to paint stripping, abrasive blasting, descaling, cleaning cars and trucks and even cleaning your BBQ grill! When used correctly, pressure cleaners have become essential pieces of equipment for businesses and also households. Continue reading for more information on Pumps Australia’s Pressure Cleaners.

Best of the best: Annovi Reverberi pumps 

Industries that require high-pressure water systems can’t afford to have equipment break down due to technical issues. Equipment needs to be reliable and efficient so the job can be completed perfectly and in a timely manner. Pumps Australia has made this possible for the Aussie market with Annovi Reverberi pumps sourced from Italy. 

Annovi Reverberi is renowned for delivering more in terms of longevity, performance and value for money. Whilst many other pump manufacturers focus too heavily on low costs (and thus, sacrifice quality entirely), Annovi Reverberi pumps tick all of the boxes with their strength and innovative design. The proof is in the pudding, when using your pressure cleaning equipment the output delivers impressive results. 

High pressure equipment

Pressure cleaners are high pressure systems which generally consist of the following:

  • Low Pressure Inlet Water hose – with a reliable water supply from a low volume domestic tap or an industrial site. Ensure to double check the water supply is fitted correctly with no leaks. 
  • High pressure pump – keep your pump equipment clean and regularly serviced to maintain the high performance. 
  • High Pressure Hose fittings – high pressure hoses transport the pressurised water. The materials and condition of the hose is essential. Inspect your hose before use to check for any damages, kinks, deterioration or punctures.

High Pressure Gun – connected to the high pressure hose is the high pressure gun or nozzle. There’s a wide selection of different guns and nozzles to choose from.


With any high pressure equipment, it’s important to uphold safety requirements when using your pressure cleaner: 

  1. Inspect your pressure cleaning equipment before use. From the water hose, to the high pressure pump, the fittings etc. Slowly work your way through the equipment and secure every point.
  2. Isolate the area. Block off, barricade, tape or put up signs in the area in which you’re performing work to prevent anyone from coming into contact with the water jet. 
  3. Ensure staff using the high pressure equipment are trained and confident in using the high pressure equipment. 
  4. Wear relevant safety gear such as eye protection, long trousers, hearing protection, steel capped footwear and gloves. 
  5. Report any hazards that do occur. If you’ve followed the previous steps, then the chances of a hazard occurring is very unlikely. Report the hazard immediately to the employer before injuries result.


Regular maintenance is important for any piece of equipment. Pressure cleaners maintain a regular maintenance program to ensure the equipment’s longevity. At the beginning, your pump should be serviced once it reaches 50 hours of use, refer to this PDF for more information on the schedule of your servicing. Different parts require different servicing programs. It’s vital that all servicing is conducted by a professional.

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